Well I almost did it!! Before heading off on holiday to Surfers Paradise in Australia for 10 days I set myself an upper limit on what weight I would like to be when I arrived home, that goal was to stay sub 90kg. I left at 88.80kg and returned to find I was 90.80!!!!

Woah, considering I could count on 1 hand how many times I indulged in carbs I was a little surprised, a dark chocolate coffin dessert at Dracula's, 1 doughnut from krispy creme and nailed a few desserts at the Marriott Hotel one night.

So over the course of 10 days and considering we were on holiday and out and about most of the time, not bad.

Ok  2kg is no big deal and a I had a feeling it should drop off fairly easily, because I didn't think it was the carbs that contributed much to the weight gain but more water retention from drinking way less water than I would usuallly and increased alcohol consumption (as you do when kicking back, dry whites and pure blonde beer, both low carb).

I was correct, we have been back in New Zealand for 6 days and back into my usual routines and eating habits and I am already sub 90kg, this morning 89.50kg, 1.3kg in 6 days without doing anything special.

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