Now there is a topic, side effects. Well I have not experienced any negative side effects of the low carb eating lifestyle other than one.

That one side effect is mood swings, and they could be quite severe. For me it would have been best described as intolerance, impatient and generally grumpy and I could be quite short and sharp.

Time period: this really only was an issue when I first started low carbing, within the first month or so, pretty much under control immediately once I realised the cause.

The Cause: I was hungry, I had skipped a meal or was a few hours late, but because I didn't feel traditionally hungry I carried on without eating and I would end up quite grumpy and short with people.

The Remedy: eat something, it really was that simple, all I needed to do to resolve the mood was eat something and within 30 minutes a better frame of mind would be had.

For my lifestyle it is always lunch that can be a little tricky at times to have on a regular schedule, now I make an effort to ensure I do eat within 90 minutes of my regular lunch time, even if I am not all that hungry I try and eat a little of something.

7/13/2012 02:05:42 am

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