I had decided that I was going to have some Pizza on Saturday nite, but when it arrived I really wasn't all that interested in it (again the alcohol was suppressing my desire for food, and I loaded up on crispy lamb chops 4 hours prior)......and I have decided that if I am going to have a blow out, cheat meal or whatever you want to call it, it has to be something that justifies the stalls, headaches (yes I get sugar headaches these days, another good reason to avoid) etc etc.

I like pizza, but I dont love pizza. So I wasnt going to eat it just for the sake of eating it. I did think that once the pizza arrived and I caught a whiff of the aroma I might change my mind, but no.

So yesterday I had scrambled eggs for breakfast. About 7 lamb chops late in the afternoon. When we started drinking I ate peanuts throughout the night and then a couple of lamb chops before hitting the sack at around 1:30am. I had one low carb beer and a couple slices of lemon in the G&Ts, so it ended up being a really low carb day, probably less than 10grams for the day and most of those would have come from the lemon and peanuts.

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