As the title suggests, I am slack, havent updated this in quite sometime so I guess I better fill in the blanks a little.

My weight is now averaging 82kg, which is not a lot under where I was last time, but I have since recommenced exercise, so with that I  know for a fact I have lost more fat but balanced back out with muscle gain, but i am still down 700 grams or so. NO GAIN in weight!!

I am also eating more than I was, because I can and sometimes want too, and I am also more relaxed about having "real" cheats now and then, so all is good.

I am working out every 3rd day for 20 minutes, more if I feel like it.

Can do more than 35 consecutive pushups, rest for a minute and pop another 20, rest another minute and do 10-15 or so, so not bad.

I am varying my weight training, but I mostly use one dumbell at a weight of 15kg and try to use it in different positions to strengthen my core at the same time, complicated to explain, more for my own reference.

1st of April is the first anniversary date of when I started low carbing so I will post again around then with more words.


4/1/2010 06:40:40

Hi Rob, I found out about your amazing weightloss and website through the comment you left on Tom's Fat Head blog.
We've just started a NZ low carb website (launched last night!) that includes a messageboard and we'd love you to have a look and join us.
I've linked to this blog in our Library section.

9/7/2012 22:05:13

good post

1/3/2013 16:51:47

Hey. I came across your blog today. I am currently studying abroad in New Zealand. I came from America. I have been doing low carb for about a year now. I brought a lot of stuff with me to eat, but I was going to see if you had suggestions for low carb meals while I'm in NZ. I found a "carbless bar" at the supermarket the other day, but I wasn't sure how to read the nutritional labels. I have been trying to educate myself since, but I've just been trying to find some good items I can get while I'm to stay in the low carb lifestyle. Thanks!


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