I have managed to keep my weight in control and my goal is that each week I must weigh 85kg at some point during the week.

This allows to me to relax my eating habits a little and still feel in complete control, and it works...for me.

My eating habits are still low carb orientated 90-95% of the time, but when in Rome.....

As the title suggests, I am slack, havent updated this in quite sometime so I guess I better fill in the blanks a little.

My weight is now averaging 82kg, which is not a lot under where I was last time, but I have since recommenced exercise, so with that I  know for a fact I have lost more fat but balanced back out with muscle gain, but i am still down 700 grams or so. NO GAIN in weight!!

I am also eating more than I was, because I can and sometimes want too, and I am also more relaxed about having "real" cheats now and then, so all is good.

I am working out every 3rd day for 20 minutes, more if I feel like it.

Can do more than 35 consecutive pushups, rest for a minute and pop another 20, rest another minute and do 10-15 or so, so not bad.

I am varying my weight training, but I mostly use one dumbell at a weight of 15kg and try to use it in different positions to strengthen my core at the same time, complicated to explain, more for my own reference.

1st of April is the first anniversary date of when I started low carbing so I will post again around then with more words.


I have proven easily that weight loss is not about regular exercise for me, why? because I have quite an active and at times physically demanding job.

So I proved my point. More on this later.

Today my mum rang and said she had been instructed by my younger brother who now lives in Europe to give away the remaining clothes he had stored at her place, so she rang me and asked me to come and go through them and see if anything fit.

I almost immediatley laughed at the suggestion, as my brother who is 3 years younger than I am, has always been lean (skinny) and at least 4" taller and nothing has changed.

However my clothing situation needed new blood as such so I thought what the hell and went around to check some new threads out. Everything fit, and fit well.

Its moments like these that I truly realise how far I have come.

Quick Update

Today I weighed in at 82.70kg, so maybe around 1kg loss in the last month, not much but the key here is, I am so close to final weight it doesnt matter much, I am so close to being at goal the last little bit will be harder to lose as the excess fat I now have percentage wise is much smaller than ever.

Late last week I did break through into 81kg but had a few carbs over the weekend, so all good in all. Oh and the fact that I have not gained any weight!!!!.

Now back to my opening sentence.

Prove that exercise itself has little to do with weight loss PROVEN, once undisputably proven exercise again.

Today is the start of that exercise regime. My main reason for the exercise other than the obvious health benefits is to tone up and shed the last niggly wobbly bits, I also wanted to see what lay beneath the fat that I was carrying, structure is definately good, but needs some toning to bring out the definition in the muscles.

So my method will be high intensity weight training for at least 15 minutes 2-3 times per week maximum, remember I am not doing this to bulk up but to tone.

Last time I started this regime I noticed that my strength noticably improved very quickly, within a few weeks, my resting heart rate dropped, everything felt firmer, the exercises themselves became easier, however because of the fat layer you just couldnt see the results. This time things will be different.

Now exercise 2-3 times a week doesnt sound like much, but this is high intensity weight training ie: work the muscle group to failure every time, intense and requires a good recovery period, muscle is built in recovery, metabolism is also raised for up to 48 hours. I also need to be doing something that I can easily continue for the rest of my life, just like the low carb eating plan, it has to be sustainable.

So for future reference here is what I could do from cold start.
Arm curls, standing position 18kg 1 arm at a time, right arm 15 til failure, left 13 til failure.

This one exercise will be my baseline.

What will be interesting here is how my weight will change.

Day one 82.70kg, average over the last week is 82.30kg.

Wow its beeen awhile since I posted.

Everything is still ticking away quite nicely and I am still losing weight without much effort. Xmas day was no problem at all with lots of food to choose from and a fair bit of it low carb anyway.

My new Goal weight is now not a weight, but how I feel and look.

I have been relaxing my eating habits, but these times are usually well thought out and I actually have a hard time bringing myself to eat carbs these days.

That is not to say I dont enjoy eating them, but I know there are consequences and tolls to pay as such. So I do try to limit any High Carb treats to once a week if possible, but hey, life is for living and as long as I keep my weight under control there is no problem.

Merry Xmas and Happy New year to you all. Good luck with your own adventures.

I have been steady at this weight now for a few weeks, I have lost in total 20kg and I am pretty much at my goal weight, I could drop maybe another 5kg but I am in no hurry to do this. as now I feel I must move on to the longer term stable weight goal and with that the weight loss will either stall or continue to drop, my goal for the next month at least is to remain sub 86kg at every morning wiegh in.

Which means I can relax a little more and have some high carb treats now and then.

I had fish and chips a couple weeks back. this was the first time in 7 months I had eaten anything battered and also the first time I had any form of potato, it was good and I had no cravings what so ever.

I have also added regular Tomato Sauce/Ketchup to the odd meal. If I have a coffee when out and about I have it without modification, I do not however add any sugar.

For those that dont know I orignally started this low carb journey at the beginning March 2009 at around the 105kg mark. I have so far lost 20kg without any additional exercise other than my usual work and hobby routines.
Still in the 85kg range which does suprise me a little as the last big drop was from the day I was very ill. But I will take that as a bonus.


Wow what a drop in weight, ok there is a good reason for it. Had a stomach bug Monday with lots of vomiting and basically ate nothing but a small plate of my Icecream all day. Almost back to normal now.