I have been steady at this weight now for a few weeks, I have lost in total 20kg and I am pretty much at my goal weight, I could drop maybe another 5kg but I am in no hurry to do this. as now I feel I must move on to the longer term stable weight goal and with that the weight loss will either stall or continue to drop, my goal for the next month at least is to remain sub 86kg at every morning wiegh in.

Which means I can relax a little more and have some high carb treats now and then.

I had fish and chips a couple weeks back. this was the first time in 7 months I had eaten anything battered and also the first time I had any form of potato, it was good and I had no cravings what so ever.

I have also added regular Tomato Sauce/Ketchup to the odd meal. If I have a coffee when out and about I have it without modification, I do not however add any sugar.

For those that dont know I orignally started this low carb journey at the beginning March 2009 at around the 105kg mark. I have so far lost 20kg without any additional exercise other than my usual work and hobby routines.
Still in the 85kg range which does suprise me a little as the last big drop was from the day I was very ill. But I will take that as a bonus.


Wow what a drop in weight, ok there is a good reason for it. Had a stomach bug Monday with lots of vomiting and basically ate nothing but a small plate of my Icecream all day. Almost back to normal now.