Broke through into 86kg today!!




Steady as she goes.
Right im sick of posting these updates late at night to get the correct date due to being unable to alter the timezone setting of this host, so from now on all weights will be out a day from my perspective.
So the after effects of Saturday night came and went without any fluctuation?
I had decided that I was going to have some Pizza on Saturday nite, but when it arrived I really wasn't all that interested in it (again the alcohol was suppressing my desire for food, and I loaded up on crispy lamb chops 4 hours prior)......and I have decided that if I am going to have a blow out, cheat meal or whatever you want to call it, it has to be something that justifies the stalls, headaches (yes I get sugar headaches these days, another good reason to avoid) etc etc.

I like pizza, but I dont love pizza. So I wasnt going to eat it just for the sake of eating it. I did think that once the pizza arrived and I caught a whiff of the aroma I might change my mind, but no.

So yesterday I had scrambled eggs for breakfast. About 7 lamb chops late in the afternoon. When we started drinking I ate peanuts throughout the night and then a couple of lamb chops before hitting the sack at around 1:30am. I had one low carb beer and a couple slices of lemon in the G&Ts, so it ended up being a really low carb day, probably less than 10grams for the day and most of those would have come from the lemon and peanuts.

Well this is a new low, artificial though I think. Didnt really have dinner last night as was way too busy drinking copious amounts of Gin and Diet tonic at the party we hosted last night.

I actually found a diet soda (first time I have had any form of soda in almost 6 months) that I  cant tell the difference between regular and artificial sweetner, possibly because the Tonic has bugger all sweetner? Something I need to look into.

I used to suffer the worst hangovers, some taking 3 days to fully recover from, yes we all pay the price for having some drunken fun, but that price was way too high and seemed to be seriously out of balance for the quantity of alcohol consumed. I could have one beer and an hour or so later I would feel like I had a mini hangover, so drinking for me had become something of a very rare event and to be honest it still is, we rerally only drink socially these days.

This morning however I was in excellent shape considering the previous night. Sure, I woke up with a headache, nothing a couple of Panadols couldnt fix, the usual mild dehydration (hence the new low for weight) but thats easily corrected. All good.